Condo Family Room with a Touch of Glamour

This Beautiful Family Room in a Minneapolis Condo overlooking Lake Calhoun is perfectly detailed for a cozy movie-night.  As one of the few rooms in the Condo without floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Lake, it had the potential to feel small and closed-in a bit too much.  In order to give it a more spacious vista, a local photographer was hired to take a Minneapolis Skyline shot from the roof of the building and then we printed it on canvas and framed it as a large-scale art piece.  The next step in creating the cozy atmosphere was a wall of diaphanous translucent drapery hung the entire length of the wall behind the sectional.  Speaking of the sectional, we opted for a lighter woven fabric on the body and a warmer plush velvet for the seat and back cushions to keep it from looking too heavy.  Add a patent leather ottoman, a silver-leaf ceiling medallion and a dash of silk shine in the Tibetan Rug and you have a recipe for Glamour.

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